Atlendis News | September 2023


Atlendis News | September 2023

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Atlendis Labs is thrilled to share a summary of our latest updates.

Since we didn't publish a newsletter this summer, we'll start by providing a quick summary of what happened during the summer.

What Happened in the Atlendis World this Summer...

  • Just before the well-deserved summer break, the Atlendis Labs team made two major announcements that will significantly impact the future of Atlendis:
    • Atlendis Flow Launch: Aiming to streamline the integration of real-world borrowers with the Atlendis protocol, Atlendis Flow has obtained its registration as a Digital Asset Service Provider (DASP) from the French Financial Authority.
    • Securing €1 Million Funding from BPI
    • Read more here.
  • Active Participation in ETHCC: Our team shared insights through three impactful presentations:
    • Charlotte Eli, Co-Founder & Chief Research Officer: "Enabling rate discovery on-chain."
    • Stéphane Coquet, Co-Founder & CTO: "DeFi in the real world: a new breed of DeFi applications."
    • Loïc Vincent-Genod, Software Engineer: "Reinventing the wheel: moving away from TheGraph."

What's Happening in the Atlendis World in September...

  • New Legal Offering: We are actively working on a new legal setup that prioritizes the safety of both lenders and borrowers. This setup will allow our users to engage within a secure and familiar legal framework while seamlessly integrating with our innovative DeFi platform.
  • ADAN's DeFi Committee: reelection of Alexis Masseron as Vice President alongside Marc Zeller as President
  • Audit by Nethermind: Atlendis is currently undergoing an audit to review features that will be included in the next release of Atlendis Protocol v2.1. This new release is expected to be ready by the end of October, further enhancing the user experience on the Atlendis Protocol.
  • Atlendis Flow Prospects: We have received substantial interest in our new product offering and are actively exploring synergies with other DeFi Protocols.
  • Attendance at Token 2049 and Messari Mainnet:
    • Alexis attended Token 2049, and Hugo participated in Messari Mainnet, broadening our perspectives and fostering connections within the crypto community.

What’s Next?

  • v2.1 Release: Anticipated in October.
  • Fluna Update: Following a successful pilot and an oversubscribed pool, Fluna’s pool credit limit has been increased to USDC 750k on August 4th. Fluna borrowed an additional 635k on August 12th.
  • Karmen's Update: Karmen's initial loan is set to mature in mid-November, with repayment anticipated between the 17th and 19th of the month. Currently, Karmen is collaborating closely with Atlendis Labs to elevate their partnership in a new pool. This pool will feature a more refined structure tailored to Karmen’s financing needs, particularly in the legal domain.
  • Participation in the event “Crypto Live Legends in Paris” on October 4th
  • Participation in the event "Fintech 3.0 by Adan" on October 18th.

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