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Customizable asset-backed yields

At Atlendis, we empower lenders with opportunities that redefine asset-backed lending. Our platform offers an unprecedented level of transparency and flexibility, allowing you to customize your investment strategies. Lend your assets with confidence, knowing they are backed by tangible guarantees. With Atlendis, you become a part of a thriving community that values clarity and security in investments.

Why lend on Atlendis?

Our struture draws on the advantages of the traditional securitization framework, collateralizing the loan with a portfolio of diversified assets in an SPV and subjecting the assets to eligible criteria, robust portfolio covenants, and comprehensive legal recourse.

From our Lendies

Roderik van der Graaf, Managing Partner at Lemniscap
Anjan Vinod, Managing Partner at ParaFi Capital
Hamzah Khan, Head of DeFi at Polygon
Miguel Sousa Dias, Co-Founder & CEO at Fluna

"Atlendis is a pure example of a new iteration of protocols in DeFi, going by the name of DeFi 2.0. It builds on major shortcomings of existing solutions by breaking down the barriers of entry and offering corporate credit dynamics to cater to the up-and-coming decentralized organizations and their on-chain treasuries. Top team, pressing pain point, and first-class product design are just some of the reasons why we decided to lead the round for Atlendis Labs."

Roderik van der Graaf, Managing Partner at Lemniscap

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