Atlendis News | October 2023


Atlendis News | October 2023

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Atlendis Labs is thrilled to share a summary of our latest updates.

What Happened in the Atlendis World in October...

  • Audit by Nethermind: Atlendis passed a thorough audit to review the features that will be included in the upcoming release of Atlendis Protocol v2.1. This new release will be deployed at the same time of new pool opening in the coming weeks, further enhancing the user experience on the Atlendis Protocol. Read the full report here and article here.
  • New Legal Setup: We are in the final stages of preparing the documents for our new legal framework, which places an emphasis on ensuring the safety of both lenders and borrowers. This innovative framework will provide our users with a secure and familiar legal environment, seamlessly integrated with our DeFi platform. This new framework will be employed for our upcoming pool openings.
  • Borrower Update:
    • Karmen successfully repaid their loan on October 18th. Karmen’s pool served as a pilot for both Karmen and Atlendis. This inaugural loan cycle proved successful, validating the viability of integrating traditional borrowers with DeFi.
  • Atlendis Flow
    • Atlendis Flow’s First Transaction: an essential aspect of Karmen's repayment plan involves the utilization of Atlendis Flow’s offering to facilitate the on-ramping of funds and loan repayment.
    • We are making good progress in terms of sales pipeline for our new product offering and discussing potential partnership.
  • Events:
    • Bruno, our General Counsel, participated in:
      • a panel on "How does Europe Differentiate Itself From Its Peers On The Regulatory Front?" as part of the event “Crypto Live Legends in Paris” organized by Fiat Republic on October 4th.
      • the official inauguration of the Blockchain Lawyers Forum French Hub and discussed “Regulatory compliance in DeFi” on October 12th.
    • Charlotte, our Co-Founder and Research Director, participated in a panel focusing on "Decentralizing finance: an alternative to financial intermediation" as part of "Fintech 3.0" event organized by Adan on October 18th.
    • Adrien, our Business Developer, attended the Trade Finance Investor Day TFDI on the 19th and 20th October to meet leaders in the Trade Finance ecosystem.
    • Friederich, our Smart Contract Developer, presented Atlendis at Nordic Fintech Week in Copenhagen on October 26th.

What’s Next?

  • New pools opening anticipated in November, using our v2.1 smart contrats alongside our enhanced legal setup.
  • Fluna is expected to repay their loan mid-November. Following repayment, Fluna’s pool will close while we structure their new pool.
  • We are currently in discussion with Karmen to discuss the next steps of our partnership. More info here.
  • Events
    • Alexis, our Co-Founder and CEO, will be attending DevConnect in Istanbul from from November 13th to November 17th.
    • Our Sales Team, Hugo and Adrien, will be attending the Specialist Lender Finance: Europe 2023 in London on November 16 

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