Highlights of Devconnect Side event by Atlendis Labs and CowSwap


Highlights of Devconnect Side event by Atlendis Labs and CowSwap

Atlendis Labs and CowSwap hosted an amazing event in Amsterdam to kick off Devconnect. Discover the highlights from Atlendis Labs' presence at the events throughout the week.

Atlendis Labs CowSwap Devconnect event

After another exciting week of crypto fair, here is a recap of Atlendis Labs’ presence at Devconnect Amsterdam on April 18th-20th 2022.


Devconnect is a one-week collaborative gathering that features a series of independent Ethereum events. Formats and topics are extremely varied, ranging from hackathons and Solidity workshops, to governance or security conferences and art performances. The panel of protocols, DAOs and organizations hosting and participating in these events is just as diverse, which makes for an amazingly fertile ground to further connect the Ethereum community. Knowledge sharing and collaboration on current and future challenges are at the heart of Devconnect, and Atlendis Labs aims to bring an answer to the challenge of on-chain uncollateralized lending.

Devconnect coworkingDevconnect 2022

Devconnect Amsterdam coworking space in the capital's former stock exchange

Most events are independent and take place all around town in sometimes unique and remote venues, but Devconnect has organized a large space that serves as a central meeting and co-working hub. Located in the beautiful Beurs van Berlage, a well-maintained 1903 brick building formerly hosting Amsterdam’s commodity exchange, the venue has meeting rooms on three floors, central working rooms, cafés, bars, markets and relaxation areas. Everything was very well thought out and executed for a smooth week. Congrats!

Devconnect floorpla

The floorplan has Atlendis Labs’ colors in the background

Atlendis Labs’ presence at Devconnect

The Atlendis Labs team attended events – such as the DAOIST’s Global Governance Gathering, The Staking Gathering or  The Solidity Summit covered by Atlendis Labs’ Solidity dev Freddy Cohen, met with DeFi and Web3 peers to exchange ideas and potential integrations with the Atlendis protocol. But above all, the team attended the Devconnect Market as this exclusive photo reveals:

Atlendis Labs CTO at Devconnect 2022

Atlendis Labs’ CTO at Devconnect Market in the Beurs van Berlage

Atlendis Labs’ side event to kick off the week

On Monday, April 18th Atlendis Labs co-hosted a DeFi Happy Hour with CowSwap on the theme of capital efficiency, in an Aussie themed bar a stone's throw away from Devconnect’s co-working space. Doors opened at 7pm and guests were welcomed with bevvies and food at the bar attended by the venue’s welcoming staff at Coco’s Outback – we thank them! Web3 enthusiasts and professionals, investors, DAOs and friends soon filled the venue and its outdoor terrace. A legion of guests whose names are behind DeFi’s greatest protocols showed up and the two hosting teams could not have been more humbled.

Atlendis Labs Devconnect event

Atlendis x CowSwap's DeFi Happy Hour at Devconnect Amsterdam

To all of our guests, thank you for showing up and manifesting your support! We hope that everyone enjoyed their night and found the QR code to claim the special-occasion POAP that Atlendis Labs’ designer prepared! The night overall exceeded our expectations and we cannot wait to see the Ethereum community again soon at EthCC Paris in July.

Devconnect Atlendis Labs CowSwap POAP

Atlendis Labs x CowSwap’s event POAP

What’s Next?

  • Atlendis Labs will be at BlockSplit in Croatia from May 24-25, where Atlendis Labs’ Co-Founder and CEO Alexis Masseron will be speaking.
  • Atlendis Labs will host a special-themed party at EthCC Paris on July 18th. Stay tuned and follow Atlendis Labs on Twitter to get on the waiting list when registrations are open!
  • Atlendis Labs’ bug bounty program is coming up and will be announced on Twitter and Discord, just in time for enthusiasts and bounty hunters to take a chance at testing the Atlendis protocol’s smart contracts.
  • The next community call date will be announced soon. After a poll, the Atlendis community decided that Community Call #3 would be on the topic of credit scoring and risk assessment. Stay tuned!

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