Atlendis Labs Partners with Cicada Partners for Groundbreaking Private Credit Opportunities


Atlendis Labs Partners with Cicada Partners for Groundbreaking Private Credit Opportunities

Partnership Announcement

We at Atlendis Labs are proud to unveil our strategic partnership with Cicada Partners, a milestone in the evolution of DeFi lending. This collaboration marries Atlendis' state-of-the-art lending protocol with Cicada's on-chain credit risk management prowess, setting the stage for a revolution in decentralized finance. Atlendis Labs and Cicada Partners bring together a unique blend of expertise. Atlendis’ novel order book design and revolving loan mechanism coupled with Cicada's deep understanding of credit risk present a powerful synergy.

Why Atlendis Chose Cicada Partners

Our choice to partner with Cicada Partners stems from their outstanding track record in underwriting and risk management. Cicada is an on-chain credit risk management company founded by a seasoned team of former buy- and sell-side credit professionals. Cicada’s team have deep crypto lending expertise, having underwritten $850m in loans at a 1.2% default rate in ‘21/‘22.

About the Strategic Partnership

The partnership aims to establish a transparent, secure, and scalable ecosystem on the public blockchain, enhancing lender access to lower-middle-market borrowers through managed risk. We share a vision of bringing greater access and transparency to the often opaque private credit sector, traditionally challenging to serve. Our focus will be on short-duration Asset-Backed Lines of Credit (ABL) with self-liquidating collateral. These credit facilities will benefit structurally from the separation of the corporate entity into an off-balance sheet Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). Additionally, Cicada will perform real-time data monitoring, integrating data directly to facilitate timely resolution and proactive risk control.

Benefits for Lenders: Enhanced Security and Accessibility 

Lenders stand to gain significantly from this partnership. Cicada’s comprehensive credit evaluations backed by Atlendis’ innovative lending protocol will enhance security and reliability in lending.

A New Era for Borrowers 

Borrowers will benefit from Atlendis' and Cicada's partnership through more accessible borrowing options, fostering a fair and transparent credit assessment process. Our shared vision is to democratize access to private credit, especially for lower-middle-market borrowers.


As we embark on this journey with Cicada Partners, we are excited about the future of decentralized finance. Our partnership is more than a collaboration; it's a commitment to innovation, transparency, and efficiency in private credit lending.

Read the full details of our strategic partnership in the press release here.