Atlendis News | April 2022


Atlendis News | April 2022

Read the latest edition of the Atlendis Labs newsletter and stay up to date on the exciting news and events in April from across the Atlendis World.

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Atlendis Labs is excited to share a summary of the biggest news this month, including the latest updates and some reading recommendations.

What happened at Atlendis Labs…

  • Atlendis Labs has a new recruit! Loïc joined the team this month as a Blockchain Developer, which brings the team’s total headcount to 12 peeps. Welcome Loïc!
  • Atlendis Labs sponsored Paris Blockchain Week Summit on April 13 & 14th.
  • Alexis Masseron, Atlendis Labs’ CO-Founder and CEO, spoke on PBWS’ Discovery Stage on April 13th. 
  • Victoria Calmon, Atlendis Labs’ CMO, hosted a fireside chat with on the main stage of PBWS on April 13th too!
  • Atlendis Labs hosted its Apéritif in Paris on April 13 in a chic Parisian art gallery.
  • The team was also present at Amsterdam’s Devconnect and hosted a super fun “Capital-Efficient DeFi Happy Hour” with their mates from CowSwap.
  • The Atlendis Labs’ team gathered IRL for an off-site week in Porto, giving the decentralized team an opportunity to get to know each other better, celebrate the achievements so far and enjoy the Atlantic ocean’s fresh air and Portuguese sun before the launch.
  • Atlendis is now a member of ADAN, an association gathering professionals of digital assets, in order to promote the technology and synergies between actors on the French and European scenes, as well as supporting favorable regulation on the European level.

Atlendis Labs and all Lendies are proud to be joining ADAN

What’s next?

  • Atlendis Labs will be at BlockSplit in Croatia from May 24-25, where Atlendis Labs’ Co-Founder and CEO Alexis Masseron will be speaking.
  • Atlendis Labs will host a side event during EthCC Paris on July 18th. Stay tuned and follow Atlendis Labs on Twitter to get on the waiting list when registrations are open!
  • Atlendis Labs’ bug bounty program is coming up and will be announced on Twitter and Discord, just in time for enthusiasts and bounty hunters to take a chance at testing the Atlendis protocol’s smart contracts.
  • After a poll, the Atlendis community decided that Community Call #3 would be focused on the topic of credit scoring and risk assessment and for the occasion, we will be welcoming our partner Credora. The date and time will be announced shortly!
  • The Atlendis protocol’s smart contracts are going to be audited a second time by another independent auditing firm, as the launch is approaching.

Featuring Atlendis in April 2022

“Tomorrow, loan services to companies via DeFi services? This is what the startup Atlendis will soon be offering: non-collateralized loans for companies that will shortly be able to enjoy revolving credit lines. [...] This will give companies much more flexibility to finance their development and sometimes more serenity as well. A small revolution is in store for CEOs and CFOs, who will see their daily lives transformed by this innovative solution!”

"Our protocol can be seen as a decentralized marketplace for credit lines," describes the Atlendis Labs CEO to define the company's business. These lines of credit correspond "in the jargon" to under-collateralized or uncollateralized loans. This differentiates it from Web3 practices where P2P loans are, on the contrary, over-collateralized with an average ratio between 100 and 150%. Borrowing 1 million dollars therefore requires putting up 1 to 1.5 million as collateral.” [...]

"We integrate with networks where protocols need liquidity. Eventually, we could therefore be on all blockchains [...]" 

Recommended Content

  • The Future of Privacy on The Internet - Nym launch event with Edward Snowden at Station F, 14th of April 2022, Paris.
    "Nym is a mixnet that provides protection against mass surveillance by even the most powerful adversaries. It protects against traffic analysis at the network layer for any application, coin or wallet."
  • In Defense of Bitcoin Maximalism, by Vitalik Buterin.
    “If you want to retain an identity that is different from the mainstream, then you need a really strong culture that actively resists and fights assimilation into the mainstream every time it tries to assert its hegemony.”
    "Blockchains are, as I mentioned above, very fundamentally and explicitly a counterculture movement that is trying to create and preserve something different from the mainstream."
  • Global Governance Gathering | Amsterdam 2022, by The DAOist.
    A very rich and diverse set of talks on Web3 governance and community building. The GGG as it was called has been organized by The DAOist and took place during Amsterdam's Devconnect in April 2022.

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