Recap of Atlendis Labs at EthCC Week


by Victoria Calmon

Recap of Atlendis Labs at EthCC Week

A summary of Atlendis Labs’ week at EthCC [5] in Paris. Between July 18-25 the team gathered to give demos, meet partners, attend presentations and side events, and hosted the "Future of France" alongside 11 French DeFi companies.

Atlendis Labs EthCC 2022

The Atlendis Labs’ team gathered in Paris over July 18-25 at the occasion of the EthCC [5] week and was able to spend time together as a team. The team participated in panels, met with current and potential partners, attended conferences and side events, and organized the Future of France party on Monday, July 18th. Here is a summary of Atlendis Labs’ week at EthCC.

ADAN’s Crypto Finance Forum on Monday, July 18

If you missed the round table featuring Charlotte Eli, Co-Founder and Chief Research Officer of Atlendis Labs, she intervened on the topic “Web3, DeFi, DAO: where does decentralized innovation stop?” as part of a panel moderated by Valentin Demé (Cryptoast) and featuring Alex Bertomeu (Aave), Ambre Soubiran (Kaiko), Pablo Veyrat (Angle).

Crypto Finance Forum Atlendis Labs ADAN covered the news in this article (in French):

Charlotte Eli, co-founder of Atlendis Labs, calls nevertheless for the term DeFi not to disappear, since its capital to highlight the difference with CeFi [for Centralized Finance]:

“CeFi platforms allow people to invest in crypto-assets, but manage the users’ tokens. In contrast, DeFi allows them to retain possession of their assets and remain in control at all times,” she says. […] Charlotte Eli also insists on the pedagogy, which must allow DeFi to benefit everyone. According to her, it is due to a lack of pedagogy in DeFi that CeFi owes its success with consumers over it.

This analysis is shared by Alex Bertomeu-Gilles from Aave, for whom the crisis of the last few months reflects a gap in terms of education through practice. This education will among others contribute to the adoption of DeFi by institutions.

Future of France

Atlendis Labs kickstarted the EthCC week on Monday, July 18th, under the best auspices, hosting a party in an Hôtel Particulier near EthCC’s main venue with friends from the French crypto space, Morpho, Paladin, Adan, Angle, APWine, Jarvis, Mangrove, ParaSwap, Sismo and Synaps. The theme Future of France gave guests a foretaste of what the new generation of French financial institutions have in store, using blockchain native technologies to build decentralized finance.

Atlendis Labs Team Future of France

Alexis, Olivier, Pierre and Adrien, four of Atlendis Labs’ team members at the Future of France 

The 12 French crypto protocols noticeably marked the occasion, demonstrating the strong dynamism of the French DeFi industry during what is now considered to be Ethereum’s largest European conference.

Atlendis Labs Future of France garden party

View of the venue from the back garden

Polygon Connect on Monday, July 18

Polygon Connect was held by Polygon on July 18th in Paris for a day of free workshops, panel discussions, keynotes, and demos. Alexis Masseron, Co-Founder and CEO of Atlendis Labs, presented a demo of the Atlendis protocol and spoke on “Bringing institutions into the Polygon ecosystem through Atlendis’ capital-efficient DeFi credit protocol."

Polygon Connect Alexis Masseron


EthCC officially took place over July 19, 20 & 21 at the Maison de la Mutualité in Paris’ 5th Arrondissement, gathering more than 250 speakers coming from all parts of the globe, including Atlendis Labs’ Alexis Masseron. Alexis talked on July 20th about DeFi 2.0 and how Web3 actors can benefit from under collateralized lending (a replay is available here). 

For those interested in other topics, every talk has been live streamed on YouTube by EthCC organizers. The conference’s schedule is available here and the replays of all talks is available here.

Finally, the Atlendis Labs team concluded the EthCC by celebrating together at EthCC’s official closing party and had fun with the photo booth installed on the venue’s rooftop! Thanks for the memories! 

Atlendis Team photo EthCC

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